Audio Post for Multimedia:
Every form of multimedia needs amazing audio. Tre has experience doing dialogue replacement for motion pictures, audio for video games, sound effects design for theme park rides, forensic audio restoration, and just about any other application you can think of. 

Studio Consulting

Everyone these days has a studio, but does the room work efficiently and sound great? Tre has consulted on design and equipment for numerous studios, from commercial facilities to project studios, so if you need help with getting your room sounding right, selecting the right gear, or installing and learning how to use it like a pro, he can help you make the most out of your investment. 

Music Production:
Tre has produced nearly a thousand pieces of music in his career. From Grammy winning albums to national ad campaigns for some of the biggest brand names, he has been an integral part of the creative team behind these projects. This could mean writing original compositions, arranging, hiring and producing session musicians, or acting as a music supervisor or consultant. Whatever your project needs, he can help you with the necessary steps to get your project from vision to reality. 

Tre is the chief engineer at Luminous Sound Studios in Dallas, TX and has access to three world class recording studios for doing just about any type of recording, from solo vocals and rock ensembles, to church choirs and entire orchestras. Check out where Tre does his work here:

Grammy-winning Engineer  /  Mixer  /  Producer

Mixing is a an extremely important part of making great records, and it’s something Tre has spent thousands of hours doing, with major labels and dozens of clients that keep coming back to him for his meticulous ears and musical sensibility. He has his own private mix room that combines the latest digital technology and some great analog pieces to create a great workflow and most importantly, a fantastic sounding final mix. ​​

Vocal Tuning/Track Editing/Sample Replacement:
We all know the studio magic exists, so let’s just be up front with it! If you need help fixing up some of your tracks, it can be done, let’s just not let it go so far it ruins the music, ok? Pitch problems can be tuned. Timing issues can be fixed. Bad drum sounds can be replaced. You’d be surprised what can be done to help clean up your existing tracks. Just ask.